Military Veteran Level Benefits

Annual cost: $50

Criteria:  Those individuals who have served in the Military. Employees of service providers (Customs Brokers, FF’s, Law Firms, Consultants, etc.) are NOT eligible for this membership type.

Conferences:  ICPA holds several conferences a year worldwide including in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Check out our website for all the details.  Members get discounts and early registration access to our Annual March Conference. 

Daily Q&A’s: One of the unique features of ICPA is the ability of members to pose questions anonymously to 3,000+ trade compliance professionals. Email us your question and with complete confidentiality we will blast it our membership to get answers.  Members then have several days to confidentially send their answers to us to compile and broadcast back to the membership.  We typically email 6 Questions every morning and 6 Answers from previous questions in the afternoon.  Plus you can review all previous Answers on the Answer Database on our website.

Job and resume postings:  Every Tuesday evening we update our members with current job openings and member resumes.  Plus they are posted to our website.

Announcements: Every Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning we update our members on all sorts of information such as seminars, training programs, webinars and newsletters provided to us by other members.  Plus they are posted to our website.

Surveys:  Members are encouraged to survey the membership.  We can gladly disseminate them to the membership.  We just ask you to share the results with the members.

Scholarships: We offer scholarships to members and their dependents twice a year. 

Local Data Groups: ICPA DATA Groups (Designated Area Trade Association) are local networking groups for global trade professionals to meet and interact with other experts in our field. 

Website:  Our website has all sorts of information including updates on our Conferences, Answer Database, Compliance Library with prior conference  presentation materials.  Check it out! 

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