U.S. Trade Compliance for MEDICAL, BIOTECH & PHARMA Companies – Pilot Program from Content Enablers

U.S. Trade Compliance Training for

– Tailored to the Unique Needs and Challenges of Your Industry –

The export of medical, pharmaceutical, and biotech products, services, and technology is controlled by U.S. government regulations as a means to promote its national security interests and foreign policy objectives. Noncompliance can result in fines, the inability to export, and even prison time.

Built just for the Medical/Biotech/Pharma Industry, the online Medical Trade Compliance Pilot Program from Content Enablers will help get your team the export compliance training they need. At the level they need. In terms that they understand. Watch the video  to learn more.

The U.S. Trade Compliance Pilot Program trains your different employees at the level that they need. Configure and scale to fit YOUR organization!

Comprehensive Trade Compliance Practitioner Training (14+ hours) 

FoundationsJurisdiction & ClassificationAuthorizationsExport Clearance


Concise but informative Role-specific Awareness Training (45-60 minutes) for your Executives, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing & Engineering staff.

Continuous Learning and Updates for a Full 12 Months so your training doesn’t go out of date as soon as you have completed it.

Affordable.Get updates when regulations change for a full year!Easy to Deliver Across your Organization Worldwide.Personalize with your Company Policies, Procedures, Contacts, and Branding


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