U.S. Export Compliance Certification (Content Enablers & George Mason University)

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Moving Global Trade Forward. 


U.S. Export Compliance Certification Series 
for U.S. Export Practitioners  

Certification from the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University 



In-depth training on EAR and ITAR regulations with real-time updates and continuous learning opportunities for a full year   


The series consists of four courses which can be taken separately or as a full series: 

  • Foundations of U.S. Export Compliance for U.S. Practitioners $350/annual 

  • U.S. Export Classification for U.S. Practitioners $470/annual 

  • U.S. Export Authorizations for U.S. Practitioners $470/annual 

  • U.S. Export Clearance for U.S. Practitioners $470/annual 

  • Save 15% with the bundle of all four courses! $1500/annual 

PLUS, with any of the above courses you will get…  


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