LIVE WEBINAR: Sanctions: What Exporters Need to Know – February 1, 2024 | Export Compliance Training Institute

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Webinar Overview:
During this webinar hosted by ECTI, Tim O’Toole will delve into recent pivotal developments in jurisdictions heavily sanctioned by the U.S. The webinar will provide a detailed overview of crucial U.S. sanctions programs, followed by a focus on recent noteworthy developments, such as the expansion of U.S. sanctions into additional sectors, important designations by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), and recent modifications in the scope of sanctions, as exemplified by recent events in Venezuela. Additionally, Tim will also discuss proactive compliance measures that companies can adopt in response to these developments. Special attention will be given to identifying emerging risks and implementing customized risk mitigation strategies tailored to the evolving landscape of sanctions.

This webinar will cover:

  • An overview of the U.S. sanctions laws of most concern for exporters, both in and outside the U.S.
  • An overview of recent developments of U.S. economic sanctions programs in Russia, Iran and Venezuela
  • An overview of the recent expansion of additional U.S. export controls requirements as a complement to heightened U.S. sanctions
  • The growing role of financial institutions in enforcing sanctions and related export controls
  • The important topic of product diversion: How to identify it, how to remediate and recent enforcement trends
  • Special and General Licenses: The most commonly licensed products in heavily sanctioned countries
  • What’s on the horizon in U.S. sanctions for exporters

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