Learn how to Develop a Trade Compliance Program with Global Training Center

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Global Training Center 

Developing a Trade Compliance Program HERE


October 7, 2024. Continues for four weeks

With online webinars on Fridays from 9AM – 11AM Central Time

Building a Global Compliance Program will teach practitioners how to assess their organization and build a foundational compliance program to mitigate their specific import and export risks. Drawing from guidance from CBP, BIS, DDTC, and the instructor’s own experience, attendees will learn the basics of import and export compliance programs along with best practices and pitfalls to avoid. This course will also include guidance on compliance outside of the U.S. as part of managing a truly global program and organization.

Who should take this Course? 

New Trade Compliance Managers who are first level managers and may be new to their organization. Other job titles include: Customs Manager, Import Manager, Global Trade Manager, Logistics Manager, and Export Manager.

You will earn a certificate of completion and a Digital Trade Badge.

Please note:  This course is NOT intended to help individuals start an import/export business. This course covers rules and practical issues that arise from importing and exporting merchandise and not the marketing, sources, purchasing, or other business functions of starting a physical business or e-commerce store.

How long is the course?

This course will run for 4 weeks. The plan for each week is as follows:

  1. Participants are responsible for viewing a short video (45-90 minutes) prior to the day of the webinar of that week.
  2. On Friday, participants will attend a 2-hour live webinar with the instructor to discuss the video (Step 1) and for Q&A.
  3. The participant will take the exam on the topics discussed.
  4. Steps 1-3 will be repeated for three more weeks (for a total of four weeks)
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