Kendrick Trade: Weekly Newsletter June 24, 2024

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Week of June 24, 2024


Exporting: A Privilege, Not a Right


The U.S. government recently banned exports by an Oregon-based freight forwarder due to compliance failures. This enforcement action serves as a crucial reminder for all companies engaged in international trade about the importance of robust compliance programs.

  • Compliance is Essential: Companies must prioritize compliance to safeguard their ability to operate internationally and avoid severe penalties.

  • Executive Support is Crucial: Effective compliance programs require strong support from the executive team, including adequate resources and a culture of compliance.

  • Strategic Advantage: Investing in compliance can enhance a company’s reputation, build trust, and open new global opportunities.

  • Proactive vs. Reactive: Waiting for something to go wrong before addressing compliance can lead to catastrophic consequences.


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Reminder: Upcoming Deadline for Section 301 Comments


A quick reminder that the deadline for submitting comments on the Section 301 investigation into China’s trade practices is approaching. The USTR is seeking public input on the effectiveness of the tariffs imposed under this investigation and their impact on US businesses. Comments must be submitted by [specific deadline date]. Your feedback is crucial in shaping future trade policies and ensuring they align with the interests of US businesses.


For more details on how to submit your comments, please visit the USTR website.


Stay informed and take action to ensure your voice is heard in this important process.


Kendrick Trade specializes in USMCA qualifications, helping businesses navigate the complexities of trade compliance under this agreement. By ensuring your operations meet the necessary criteria, Kendrick Trade can help you unlock the full potential of the free trade agreement. Visit Kendrick Trade to learn more about our services and how we can support your business in making the most of USMCA benefits.


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