ITAR/EAR Specially Designed – On-Demand Course from Export Compliance Training Institute

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ITAR/EAR Specially Designed is an on-demand learning course that allows you to go at your own pace.

ECTI’s Specially Designed course provides an in-depth understanding of the importance of the definition of “specially designed” in the ITAR and the EAR, the key related terms you should know and real-world examples of how to use the definition. The course includes interactive content, video segments, and knowledge checks to support learner engagement and comprehension.

Course Contents

  1. Understanding specially designed and related terms
  2. Specially designed in the Orders of Review
  3. Applying specially designed to help determine if an item is subject to the ITAR
  4. Applying specially designed to help classify an item under the EAR

Course Objectives

  • Recognize why specially designed is important to jurisdiction and classification.
  • Distinguish enumerated controls from those which are specially designed-based.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of specially designed.
  • Appreciate the differences between ITAR and EAR for specially designed.
  • Provide practical examples of how specially designed catches and releases items. 

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