FREE WEBINAR! Recovering Empowered Officials: A Day in the Life (April 11, 2024) with Debi Davis, Steve Casazza, Andrew Booth, Greg Hill, and Ashley Farhat (Content Enablers)

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Social Media APR 11 2024 Recovering Empowered Officials

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Speakers: Steve Casazza, Defense Trade Solutions; Debi Davis, President & CEO, Davis International Trade Consulting Service LLC; Andrew Booth, Sierra Nevada Corporation; Ashley Farhat, HRL Laboratories; Greg Hill, Vice President, Global Trade Compliance, Leonardo DRS 


The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) places significant responsibilities on individuals designated as empowered officials within organizations engaged in the export of defense articles and services. This special event aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the role of an ITAR empowered official, covering essential topics, challenges, and best practices for fulfilling this crucial compliance role. 


Hear from five former empowered officials as they cover: 


   — ITAR empowered official regulatory requirements 

   — The privileges of being an empowered official 

   — The challenges of being an empowered official 

   — The responsibilities of being an empowered official 

   — Best practices when selecting your empowered official 


The target audience for this panel discussions includes: 


   — Compliance officers 

   — Export control managers 

   — Legal counsel 

   — Trade compliance professionals 

   — ITAR compliance specialists 

   — Up-and-coming empowered officials 

   — Anyone involved in the export of defense articles and services 


The webinar will include a time for Q&A with webinar participants. 


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