FREE WEBINAR on NOV 3rd: Global Controls on Transfers and Management of Strategic, Critical, and Emerging Technology with Jay Nash (Content Enablers)

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Featuring Jay Nash of Nash Global Trade Services

Following the wave generated by the Wassenaar Arrangement and the United States, governments around the globe have introduced broader and more stringent controls on the management and transfer of technology, in particular what they see as critical and/or emerging technologies. The impetus for those controls includes everything from cybercrime to contemporary proliferation techniques to regional security concerns to the protection of domestic industries. From Europe to Asia-Pacific and almost anywhere U.S. companies are doing business, controls on collectively what can be termed “sensitive technology” are either in place or likely being considered. The technology transfer controls impact cross-border design work, overseas contract manufacturing, service and repair work, collaborations with academia, and much more. This webinar aims to delineate where sensitive technology control “live wires” are and how to avoid or protect against them as much as possible. In so doing, the webinar will cover:

  • The background on sensitive technology controls,
  • A brief review of U.S. export controls on sensitive technology,
  • A survey of other countries’ controls on sensitive technology, and
  • Tips on how to navigate the global sensitive technology control landscape and remain in compliance.

This webinar holds relevance for almost any function in any industry sector where strategic, critical, or emerging technology plays any role, so we hope you’ll join us on November 3!