Forced Labor with emphasis on Supply Chain Tracing Webinar (Real life scenarios + WORKSHOP) – By Global Training Center

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Forced Labor with emphasis on Supply Chain Tracing 

Instructors: Renee Chiuchiarelli, Eric Hargraves, Shawn Harwood 

Time: 9AM – 3:30PM CT 

Date: August 21 & October 8 

In this comprehensive training course on forced labor supply chain tracing, participants will explore the historical evolution of regulations related to forced labor in supply chains, gaining contextual background and an understanding of the moral and ethical implications of forced labor. The course delves into the standardization, enforcement, and operational aspects of addressing forced labor, providing insights into industry challenges, risk tolerance, and best practices for compliance and supplier relationships. Participants will also explore the role of technology and tools in supply chain tracing, including a review of global regulations and a detailed case study on WRO/UFLPA. Throughout the course, interactive activities, discussions, and reflection will empower participants to apply their learning to real-world scenarios and professional contexts, fostering a comprehensive understanding of forced labor supply chain tracing.

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