EU Diploma in International Trade Compliance

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This comprehensive Diploma programme is designed to equip trade compliance professionals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of international trade compliance successfully. Our international panel of educators and experts cover a wide range of topics, including: 

             Customs for Business: Providing businesses with the knowledge and skills to navigate customs processes efficiently and effectively in the context of international trade.

             Risk Analysis and Compliance, including Incoterms: Evaluating and managing potential risks in international trade transactions, with a focus on compliance, and understanding the implications of Incoterms in shaping contractual obligations and responsibilities.

             Classification: Determining the appropriate classification of goods according to customs codes to facilitate accurate customs procedures and regulatory compliance.

             Valuation: Assessing the declared value of goods for customs purposes, ensuring compliance with valuation rules and contributing to accurate tariff application.

             Origin: Analysing the origin of goods to comply with rules of origin requirements, supporting businesses in accessing preferential trade agreements and benefiting from reduced tariffs.

             Supply Chain Operations: Integrating customs considerations into supply chain management, optimizing operations for efficiency, and ensuring compliance with customs regulations throughout the supply chain.

             Prohibitions & Restrictions: Understanding and navigating the legal framework governing the import and export of goods, including identifying and managing prohibitions and restrictions to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

This programme is university recognised by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU).  You will receive a certificate from the International Trade Institute, accredited by GCU.

The curriculum is aligned to the EU Customs Competency Framework.

Fee: $3,995

Special ICPA member rate: $2,995 (please quote #ICPA in your email) 

Delivery:  Live Zoom or Self Paced

Duration: 7 weeks plus exam 


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