QUESTION: Question to export EEI filers. Our own self-audit discovered that we failed to file one EEI  out of hundreds in the last year for a $4k shipment. (One of our own staff skipped a step and failed to subtotal the schedule B codes and issued an SLI with an erroneous low-value exemption statement. The […]


    QUESTION: We export our product via ocean vessel. We use a freight forwarder to file our EEI’s. We are continuously hit on our audit for not rounding up the tons. While trying to round in Metric Tons the KG value changes and causes the error (8W1-VERIFY) SHPING WGT/QUANTITY 1 OUT OF RANGE. Is this a […]


    QUESTION: A forwarder recently filed a very late export filing for a shipment of ours. The value was well under the EEI required filing threshold.  No EEI would have been needed.  We are not certain if we should leave the filing in place or cancel it. Is there any other action that would be recommended? […]

  • EEI Filing Requirements for Delivery to Foreign-flagged Vessel Docked in U.S.

    QUESTION: Our company is located in the U.S. and we have an order from an EU customer that they want delivered to their vessel that is docked in the U.S.  The vessel is under foreign flag, so we initially assumed this is an export that requires an EEI filing. However, the customer’s freight forwarder (FF), […]


    QUESTION: Has anyone researched or see the new proposed rule a challenge when filing EEI with foreign origin items?  What are companies approach to this rule and submitting comments? *********** Answers: This has the potential to be an absolute nightmare for exporters, who today do not need to know or capture origin.  Include in your […]

  • EEI Violations- Merger and Acquisition

    QUESTION: We recently acquired a U.S. company. Upon review of export shipments since the acquisition, we discovered several shipments processed through a large courier where there was no EEI filing declared under 30.37 that did in fact require EEI Filing.  I am working on getting information on exports processed since the acquisition so we can […]

  • EEI Export Date Change

    QUESTION: When completing a Pre-departure EEI, if the actual export date changes to the following day, is it necessary to amend the EEI filing to show the new date? ************** Answers: reference the 2015 guidance below from CBP.  It does not need to be amended until it hits 5 days from original (or of course if […]

  • EEI filing – HS Code and F and D indicator

    QUESTION: If I have an HS Code with a value of $1,500 for a domestic item and $1,600 for a foreign item on the same shipment do I need to file an EEI?  If so, how is that done?  ============ Answers: You first need to determine if the Schedule B/Tariff Number are the same.   If […]


    QUESTION: We have a forwarder whom advised us they cannot put our AES filings in their internal systems due to confidentiality reasons. They said that only they , the forwarder, should be able to access this document.   I have spoken to BIS and they indicated this is not an issue.  Can someone urgently tell me […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: We have a IMMEX (Maquila) operation in Mexico. The maquila is technically a dutch entity, but the maqulia commonly purchases goods from multiple suppliers and consolidates at a forwarder in Laredo, TX for subsequent importation. My question is how the EEI filing should be done. Our US entity is not […]


    QUESTION: I have a question in how to apply the EEI regulations as detailed in 15 CFR 30.6a(3) regarding the Ultimate Consignee designation: Our U.S. company sells products to our related foreign entity located in the United Kingdom.  The products are actually shipped directly to a warehouse in the UK managed by a third party […]

  • EEI filing cancellation

    QUESTION: Our export agent completed a U.S. to Mexico EEI filing on behalf our co. The ITN number was provided to the customers freight forwarder for customs clearance into Mexico. Subsequently the shipment did not take place and requested our export agent to cancel the original filing. The FF was then contacted to ensure the ITN […]