Questions and answers about China

  • China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: Can the membership please weigh in on the FTA between China and Australia?  Specifically, I reviewed the tariff schedule for Australia and cannot find the specific HTS rules that are shift, RVC or both.  Does this mean that the listed HTS items in the Australia tariff schedule, as […]

  • Cotton products from China

    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: We currently import some cotton products from China.  We are asking our vendors to provide manufacturer affidavits and also prepare documents that can be traced back to the yarn manufacturers of the cotton fabric.  Recently a few vendors told us that they were not able to guarantee of […]


    QUESTION: With today’s (1/14/2021) news, does that mean that I, a US company with only EAR99 goods, CANNOT sell those goods to China National Offshore Oil Company ? If I cannot, can my Singapore division do so?  If all the goods are manufactured in Singapore? =========== Answer: They are on the BIS Entity List, so you […]

  • New E.O. on China Military companies

    QUESTION: I am certain that the trade community has now started to see potential hits in your Denied Party Screening software regarding the China companies OFAC has flagged under the most recent Executive Order 13959, specifically related to financial transactions involving stock purchases, etc… Can someone in the trade community clarify that this E.O. is […]

  • Classify products under China Export Controls

    QUESTION: Finding technical details for the Chinese Export Controls, that went into effect Dec. 1, 2020, has been frustrating.  There are plenty of blog-type articles about the regulation, but little clarity on how to classify a product.  One source seemed to think tariff codes would be used, rather than Dual Use codes or ECCNs.  Anyone […]

  • China- split PO

    QUESTION: We issued a PO to a manufacturer in China. The terms of the PO were that the entire order would ship to our company in the U.S. and we would pay in US$. Sales contacted us and asked if a portion of the order could be shipped to a new customer in China. The […]

  • China post entry corrections

    QUESTION: Does the China government allow for post entry corrections?  I have a customer that claims we short shipped them and want us to pay the duties and taxes on the quantity they said we didn’t ship them. We have offer to ship replacements, reluctantly, but have asked them to correct the original entry and […]


    QUESTION: Our company is designing a HVAC system in Hong Kong that will be produced in Mexico and imported into the U.S. The company producing the product in Mexico will be responsible for sourcing most components that will be incorporated into the system. However, beyond the design work we are doing in Hong Kong, we […]

  • Third-party in China

    QUESTION: Q: We are looking at having our China supplier of annular screws ship to our sister company in Shanghai. Then possibly having our sister company sell to us but ship to the third-party customer in a third-country. This could be Canada, Mexico, or somewhere else in Latin America or Asia. If the price on […]

  • Production Date for China Imports

    QUESTION: Our Chinese customer is asking for the production dates of the parts we’re shipping to them. They are saying this is for Customs clearance. We ship to China frequently and haven’t encountered this before. Is anyone aware of this requirement and its background? ========== Answer: I’ve never been requested to provide production dates and […]


    QUESTION: Our suppliers are currently in China. Several of them have agreed to move to Thailand, Taiwan and/or Vietnam. With the initial move all parts required to make the finished good will be sourced in China and shipped to the new country for assembly. There are many parts and the assembly process involves over 100 […]

  • Chinese Refunds

    QUESTION: My company is relatively new on the Chinese tariffs 232 and 301. I am having the difficulty in coming out with an alternative solution. Our vendor from China received a credit of returned of goods but doesn’t want to create a credit note reflecting that refund instead they want to adjust our products by […]