Questions and answers about CAFTA


    Question: We have a customer in Costa Rica where we’ve provided a CAFTA based on the suggested format.  The format is fine, per Customs in Costa Rica, but they do  not like the way we’ve completed the form.     In the producer field, I did state our info as I completed in Field 1. I […]

  • CAFTA Q&A 1

    Does anyone have the Instructions (English Language) on how to fill in a Certificate of Origin applicable to U.S. CAFTA -DR? I have the Spanish Version however in need to train English Speaking Parties on how to implement. Thank you,

  • CAFTA Q&A 2

    When calculating Regional Value Content for CAFTA (in regards to items changing to heading 8712 from 8714): build-up method * foreign content (VNM) + domestic content (VOM) = adjusted value (or net cost under NAFTA calculations) * domestic content (VOM) / adjusted value > 30% to qualify (vs. 50% NAFTA) build-down method * sales price […]