AEROSPACE, DEFENSE, and their SUPPLIERS – Export and Import Training Tailored to your Industry and Learners (Content Enablers & George Mason University)

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Trade Compliance Training for
AEROSPACE & DEFENSE Companies and their Suppliers

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The commodities, technology, and software built by the U.S aerospace and defense industry, by their very nature, are sensitive and subject to unique trade controls under U.S. regulations, including the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, the Export Administration Regulations, and others.


Engaging, Targeted, Up-to-Date Training Just for Aerospace & Defense.
Get your global team on the same page with our engaging, up-to-date, and ongoing awareness- and practitioner-level training that helps learners in the aerospace and defense industry manage the export of defense articles, services, and technical data while remaining in compliance with the EAR, the ITAR, OFAC sanctions, and other international trade controls.

Our Aerospace and Defense Program trains your employees based on both job function and compliance responsibility.

Trade Compliance Certification Series  
This presents in-depth content that practitioners in aerospace and defense need to ensure they are prepared to address the complex, ever-changing international trade rules and regulations facing their industry.

Role-Based Awareness Training for Every Employee
Content Enablers helps employees understand their role in global trade compliance, enabling them to recognize trade compliance risks that arise as part of their day-to-day job functions, understand how to respond to those risks in accordance with regulatory requirements and company policies, and know the resources for information and assistance that are available to them within your company.

Contact us to discuss how we can create a customized and personalize training solution for your global organization with differentiation for your industry, your learner job functions (HR, Sales, Engineering, Executives, etc.), and your jurisdiction — United States, Global, and over 20 additional countries — on our LMS or yours!  Personalize with your branding, legacy training, URLs, documents, policies, compliance contacts and more!

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