3rdwave Presents: Duty Drawback 201: An Advanced Drawback Discussion with Flexport | On Demand – Watch It Now!

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Duty Drawback 201: An Advanced Drawback Discussion with Flexport


Join us for an in-depth discussion on the intricacies of duty drawback with Tim Vorderstrasse, Head of Drawback at Flexport.

Tim has been intimately involved in executing drawback programs for dozens of clients for the better part of a decade, working for one of the leading duty drawback providers, now leading the Flexport drawback team. At Flexport, Tim leverages data and technology to deliver a more streamlined, optimized, and compliant drawback experience.

Tim has a wealth of experience dealing with data challenges, navigating drawback regulation, building drawback programs, and solving for ways to maximize drawback claims.

This webinar will be conversational in nature, which will enable our attendees to ask questions in real-time and actively participate. It is intended for people who have experience with drawback.  We will be discussing advanced topics and issues and will assume that the participants have a thorough understanding of drawback principles.  


When: This webinar is on-demand, so you can watch it at your own convenience.


Speakers: Grant Sernick, Director of Sales, 3rdwave

Tim Vorderstrasse, Head of Drawback, Flexport


Price: Complementary