3rdwave Presents: Bills of Material (BoMs) and Trade Compliance | May 20 at 2 p.m. ET

Bills of Material (BoMs) are the most central element for manufacturing companies, or companies that deal with transformations of some sort. BoMs are what help companies understand product inputs, quantities or volumes, demand and/or supply, production schedules, and lead times. They also create an exceptional challenge for trade compliance teams. In this webinar we will be discussing the challenges that trade compliance professionals face, and why company’s native systems are not designed to tackle them, and how 3rdwave can help.


Topics that will be covered include:

  • Free trade agreements
  • Export documentation
  • Duty Drawback
  • Import customs entry declarations
  • Other regulatory requirements


When: May 20 at 2 p.m. ET



Grant Sernick, Director of Sales, 3rdwave


Price: Complementary