3rdwave Presents: Automated Self-Filing – Embracing The Modern Age of Trade Compliance | August 16 @ 2:00 PM EST

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Automated Self-Filing: Embracing The Modern Age of Trade Compliance

Every organization has distinct focus areas—enhancing efficiency, improving reasonable care, reducing costs, or optimizing control of ISFs to avoid penalties by the CBP. Among the multitude of strategies, self-filing stands out as a particularly compelling approach, offering substantial value to the organization. We understand that transitioning to full self-filing may seem overwhelming for some. That’s why we’ll also shed light on “Automated Brokerage” – a seamless first step towards full automated self-filing, delivering immediate benefits.

Join us for a conversation with Gregg Cummings, the CEO and Founder of Strix. Strix is an ABI platform and partner of 3rdwave that helps companies get from full service brokerage to self-filing in weeks.

The discussion will encompass key aspects of the rapidly evolving customs landscape and the crucial role of cutting-edge technological solutions. We’ll also discuss how the dynamic partnership of 3rdwave and Strix translates into award-winning solutions for their clients. This webinar is tailored to equip your organization with essential knowledge and tools, empowering you to confidently navigate today’s dynamic customs environment.

When: August 16, 2:00 PM EST

Gregg Cummings – Founder & CEO, STRIX
Grant Sernick – Head of Sales & Marketing, 3rdwave

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