Masters Method The Very Best HTS Virtual Classification Training Dec 6-9

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Join us for a Masters Method VIRTUAL 4-Day HTS Classification Training!  This is our last training for 2022.




Masters Method is the world’s most popular HTS Training.  Over 3,000 students have experienced a Masters Method training and over 1,000 companies rely on Masters Method to train their teams of HTS classifiers.


We teach a simple to use and easy to understand 8 step process.  All students receive a full activity box with all training materials.  No other HTS training provides a proven method, hands-on activities, testing and memorable skills.


Come and join us for a fun & engaging training to learn the most popular classification method now used by thousands of trade professionals. 


Whether you have 10+ years of experience or no background in classification at all, Masters Method is will help you easily become a “Classification Master” and skyrocket your accuracy, confidence, and your value to your company!

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