Global Trade Labs Video: Audit + Investigation w/ Clark-Esposito Law

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When facing an audit or investigation, whether self-initiated or not, it is common for other issues to arise as a result of the process. While you may be primarily concerned about the outcome of the investigation and its potential impact on your business, there may be additional concerns that stem from how outsiders perceive these proceedings.  


These unexpected and varied auxiliary issues may require additional support. Click here to watch our video to hear more from our Managing Attorney, Deanna Clark, Esq. on what to do about these surprise issues. 


Remember, at the Clark-Esposito Law Firm, P.C. we are determined to help you. Do you have an audit or investigation approaching? Are you unsure of how much additional support you may need? Have questions? Give our office a call today (917) 546-6997. 

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