U.S. Export Compliance Certification Course Series – DDTC Tier 4 Training (Content Enablers)

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U.S. Export Compliance Certification Series for U.S. Practitioners_v2

Foundations of U.S. Export Compliance for Practitioners  (7 CES/MES Credits)

U.S. Export Classifications for Practitioners (6.5 CES/MES Credits)

U.S. Export Authorizations for Practitioners (12 CES/MES Credits)

U.S. Export Clearance for Practitioners (5.5 CES/MES Credits)

This training meets the criteria of DDTC’s Tier 4 Training (based on employee function) from the recently published ITAR Compliance Program Guidelines. Each course also includes a full year of access to CE’s popular Webinar Series for Trade Practitioners

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