U.S. and Global Trade Compliance Training in Context: In-depth training for Practitioners and Awareness Training Tailored to Employee Function (Content Enablers)

U.S. and Global Trade Compliance Training in Context
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·         In-depth Trade Compliance Practitioner Training:  Over 14 hours of training on EAR, ITAR and OFAC controls covers the essential areas of jurisdiction, classification, licensing and authorizations, and export clearance.  Practitioner-level courses provide detailed guidance in the most complex trade compliance areas including tangible products, computer hardware, software, and technical information.

·         Functional / Role-specific Trade Compliance Awareness Training: All of your employees are key to your compliance.  Staff from Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, IT, Research/Engineering and other general employees will gain knowledge on how the trade regulations apply to their specific job function and responsibilities. They will learn to  recognize compliance risks  and respond in accordance with your corporate policies and applicable regulations.

·         Executive Awareness Training: Developed for executive leadership and senior managers, this training is clear, concise and will enable them to understand the importance of the regulations, the risks of noncompliance, and their responsibility to prioritize resources to build and maintain an effective and up-to-date compliance program and support their compliance experts.

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