Personalized and Customized Export, Import and Sanctions Training – Deploy on Your LMS or Ours (Content Enablers)

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Personalized and Customized
Export, Import and Sanctions Training


For more than 20 years, Content Enablers has been setting the standard for online training on export, import, sanctions, and anti-corruption controls. We set ourselves apart from other providers by providing personalized organizational training, ranging from role-specific awareness to our in-depth U.S. Trade Compliance Certification Series.


Content Enablers stands out from other providers in a multitude of ways:


o   Awareness Training that is Function Specific (Sales, Engineers, Human Resources, etc.)

o   Training that is Always Current, with a Full Year of Access

o   Deployable on our LMS or Yours

o   Training that is Personalized with Your Branding, Documents, and URLs

o   Cutting-Edge Tracking, Delivery, and Assessment

o   Used by Dell, Intel, Airbus, United Technologies, SAP, and many more

o   Industry-Specific Training for Aerospace & Defense and Medical/Biotech/Pharma


The Content Enablers Model sums up how we help companies like yours every day.


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