Mention this Ad for 25% off GISTnet courses; CB10u-Customs Broker’s Licensure Exam Preparation and/or CB6u-U.S. Customs Tariff (HTSUS) Classification

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The next Customs Broker License Exam (CBLE) Course is in October.  If you have been studying and would like to practice by answering previous exam questions, this course is for you.  CBP analytics suggests over 100 hours of study are required to pass the CBLE.  

CB10u consists of multiple-choice questions from past CBP Broker exams providing detailed feedback based on the applicable regulations or classification.  Suggested study material is also provided at the beginning of each module.  One of the best ways to study is by using past exams because CBP generally uses about 17% of questions from previous exams.  The majority of questions in this course will be from the most recent exams but there will be updated questions from exams spanning the past 15+ years.  This is one of the few places that offers these questions.   We guarantee our course.  Our pass rates average 80-90% but if the exam is not passed, an additional one-year extension is available free of charge.

We are throwing in C6u as an added bonus because approximately 20% of the CBLE is dedicated to classification and many students like to take both courses in preparation.

GISTnet’s “work at your own pace” courses are online and can be taken anytime, anywhere on a tablet or computer.  Our industry glossary, library and courses are created by international trade and cargo transportation experts to provide an immediate on-the-job knowledge base and career development.  For a complete list of courses, see our Catalog and call 310-376-3888 or e-mail: to enroll.  Mention this advertisement and get a 25% discount off the price of the courses listed in the title!  This special offer does not apply to previously discounted services.