Masters Method Export Classification Training – April 29 to 30

Learn and master the “SKILL” of ECCN classification with the world’s most popular Export training program. 



Upcoming Virtual Export Training: April 29 – 30, 2021


Over 3,000 trade and logistics professionals, engineers and buyers from virtually every industry have already experienced a Masters Method training. Our 2-Day Export Classification training covers classification under both the CCL (ECCN) and USML. We will teach you the skills to classify. We are the only proven, legally-sound method-based training out there! No other training simplifies the process better than Masters Method. We use our 7-step method to help you classify with efficiency and confidence as soon as the training is over. Walk out practiced, tested, and ready to implement! Each training session includes hands-on activities, (mailed-to-you in a special activity box), group break-out rooms, real-life practice exercises, testing and fun. We understand that on-line training and working from home is different. Unlike any other training program, Masters Method is designed by education professionals to actively engage, prevent burnout, on-line fatigue, and promises to deliver the best on-line training experience ever.


Grow your skill, value, and career with Masters Method!

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