Masters Method Classification of Parts & Amazing 98’s Webinars

Classification of Parts Webinar:

The experts at Masters Method will show you how to break down your “world” of parts and feed them through our Parts Rule. We will walk you through our entire Parts Classification process, including:

       How to identify a part vs. a finished good

       The 3 step rule for every part classification, including EO Parts, Parts of Articles, and Other Parts

       Classification of subassemblies by name and by function

       BONUS: Learn and remember with real hands on practice activities


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The Amazing 98’s: 

We’ll introduce you to the opportunity of the 98’s and share our 4-Step 98’s process to spot, qualify, document, and claim your 98’s and reduce costs.


Topics Covered:

       How to Spot potential Chapter 98 opportunities

       How to Qualify for a 98’s claim

       How to Document your 98’s claim

       How to Report and Claim your 98’s claim


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