How to Reduce Risk and Total Landed Cost | Sept 19 @ 2pm ET

If product visibility across the global transportation network and/or trade compliance activity is a problem, your company’s exposure to trade risk and unplanned product cost are unnecessarily increased.

Global Transportation and Trade Compliance are implicit partners in ensuring that shipments move smoothly across global supply chains. This partnership is rooted in the sharing of core shipment data that is essential to streamlining transportation operations and trade compliance activity. Failure to orchestrate both of these functions and supporting data results in costly delays and exposes the organization to regulatory risk.

This webinar will focus on showing how establishing the right technology infrastructure simplifies transportation and trade compliance activities and streamlines the execution and management of the global trading environment.

What you will learn:

  • How integrating global transportation and trade compliance leads to reduced Total Landed Cost.

  • Why integrating global transportation and trade compliance information control results in reduced company risk.

  • The value of shared master data management between global transportation and trade compliance.

  • How global transportation information seamlessly integrates with trade compliance data requirements.