GTA Seminar: Qualifying Product for the USMCA – September 23rd, 2020

September 23rd, 2020


*Discount applied when you also register for the Tariff Classification (day prior) class.

USMCA replaces the NAFTA trade agreement as of July 1, 2020.   Join this program to learn more about how to qualify the product and confirm supporting documents are on file for a Customs origin verification. Program will include:


·        USMCA Certificate Requirements

      • 9 Data Elements
      • Certificate recommended format
      • Auditing certificates received from producer or exporters

·        Contract options for including USMCA language into your agreements

·        USMCA Rules of Origin (RoO)

      • Rules of Origin
      • Regional Value Content Calculation Methods
      • Special Chemical Rules
      • Textile Rules
      • Automotive Rules and supporting certificates for Labor, Steel and Aluminum
      • De minimis rules and how to apply them

·        Exercises and examples on how the rules are applied

·        USMCA impact on

      • Drawback
      • Reconciliation
      • Exporter responsibilities
      • Importer responsibilities

·        Course Examples for key industries (Chemicals, Textiles, Automotive)

·        Exemptions of Certain Products

      • Sugar

·        Transitioning from the GN 12 to the GN 11 Rules of Origin

·        Continued role for Part 102 Rules 

·        Record keeping and documenting your USMCA qualification process


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