[GTA Course] Transportation Law – November 10

Transportation Law – November 10


This course provides insights into regulations and contractual law obligations for air, ocean, rail and truck modes of transport. Specifically, the course includes a detailed review of the:

  • Various agencies involved in each mode of transport, their requirements and how companies manage these legal obligations is provided
  • Contracts of carriage, the role of documents including bills of lading and how to minimize or avoid claims.

Course topics

  • Review of each mode of transport
  • Fundamentals of contracts
  • Agencies providing oversight for each transport mode
  • Roles of carriers, customs brokers, freight forwarders and transportation brokers
  • Power of attorney for customs brokers and freight forwarders and their limited liability
  • Contracts of carriage for each mode and multimodal moves
  • Minimizing claims
  • Transportation security

What you will learn

  • After completing this certification course, you will be able to:
  • Discuss regulations and laws governing different modes of transport.
  • Confirm what is the legal basis of a contract.
  • Review a power of attorney with clarify on what limiting liability statements are included and how that impacts your company.
  • Identify which incoterm should be used for specific modes of transport
  • Discuss contracts of carriage
  • Manage the claims process when shipments go astray.
  • Clarify documents needed to process a claim and their general timeframes.