[GTA Course] Import Boot Camp – June 7-11

Course Option 1: Sign up for individual days (days listed below)
Course Option 2: Sign up for full week for a bundled price

Understanding constantly evolving U.S. customs regulations and their complex requirements is a challenging task.

Whether you are looking for a refresher course or are new to the industry and want to get up to speed fast, our “hands on” 5-day Boot Camp will provide you with a solid understanding of U.S. Customs regulations, requirements and best practices needed to tackle a multitude of trade compliance issues with authority.
During this Boot Camp we will address the following fundamentals of customs compliance:

  • DAY ONE: Import Compliance (understanding Customs regulations and requirements)
  • DAY TWO: Tariff Classification
  • DAY THREE: Free Trade Agreements and USCMA
  • DAY FOUR: Country and Rules of Origin
  • DAY FIVE: Customs Valuation

It is possible to register for an individual course covering one of the topics above. You can specify the course(s) you would like to attend during the registration process.