[GTA Course] Classification of Vehicle and Automotive Parts – May 19

Classification of Vehicle and Automotive Parts – May 19

If you import complete vehicles or automotive parts and accessories into the United States, you must be aware of ongoing changes to Customs classification rulings, US free trade agreements, HTS Chapter 98 requirements, and a plethora of other rules and regulations that can affect the cost and admissibility of your imports.

One of these changes we’ll explore is the automotive provisions of USMCA, the replacement for NAFTA, which create both complexity and opportunity for automotive manufacturers and importers. Join us, as we dive deep into the new requirements, living, breathing and understandable terms and conditions.

Among other topics, we will explore in depth:
· Automotive parts classified under HTS 8708;
· Engines and engine parts classified under HTS Chapter 84;
· The eo nomine provisions that cover key automotive parts such as ball bearings, gaskets and brackets;
· Other “surprise” classifications for automotive parts scatteredthroughout the HTS;
· The Classification of plant vehicles such as forklift trucks in Chapter 84.
This course will be interactive, with numerous exercises done jointly with the instructor and other students. If you are in the automotive industry, you can’t and shouldn’t miss it!