[GTA Course] Classification of Parts and Accessories – March 3

Classification of Parts and Accessories – March 3

When is a part classified with a machine? When is it excluded? What about accessories? This seminar will provide an in-depth review of the HS classification of parts, accessories, and parts of general use. It will include an emphasis on the General Rules of Interpretation from the Harmonized Schedule (HS) most specific to “parts classifications” and fully review exclusions throughout the tariff for specific parts of base metals and plastics from the machinery and electronics section (XVI), vehicles and aircraft (Section XII), and measuring equipment the like in Section XVIII.

Registrants will learn what is considered parts as defined in the HTS through examples from CBP Binding Rulings and Court Cases. Participants will learn how to effectively classify Parts. In addition, articles that are often misclassified will be reviewed. Sections XV through XIX will be covered during this course.