[GTA Course] Buy American Act (BAA) – October 19-20

Buy American Act (BAA) – October 19-20


Are you missing out on sales to the largest single buyer in the United States? Are American customers bypassing your products because a competitor’s are marked “Made in USA” and yours are not? Are you aware that the Transportation Department has multiple agencies with different procurement requirements under the Buy America Act which is separate, with its own different standards than those of the Buy American Act? Qualifying your goods as Made in America, Buy America, or Buy American results in more opportunities to grab market share and obtain new markets for the procurement of your goods by federal, state, and local governments!


Note that in the past six months, there have been major substantive changes to the Buy American regulations of the purchasing agencies and the enforcement posture of the Federal Trade Commission on claims for domestic sales of “Made in America”, “Made in USA” or similar product legends. If you are already selling to the federal government or if you wish to develop new markets for your products, familiarity with these requirements is a must!


This course provides a detailed methodology to qualify your goods for Made in America, Buy American, Buy America and the Berry Amendment, as well as other domestic preferential requirements of multiple federal and state agencies. Discussion will include recent executive orders modifying Buy American qualifying requirements, including announcements that procurements will be directed to certain pharmaceutical and other medical products that are manufactured in the USA.


This 2-day course provides participants with everything they need to qualify their goods for multiple government programs and how to qualify products for equal consideration for government procurement under international trade agreements. The presentation boils down a set of complex laws and regulations into a relatively simple framework to guide you in determining whether you can respond to a procurement with a product that qualifies under the Buy American or Buy America laws or that meets the tough standards for “Made in America” claims of the FTC.


What you will learn

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the requirements of the Buy American and Buy America Acts, as well as the Berry Amendment.
  •  Identify the requirements of qualifying articles under the Trade Agreements Act whereby such products may, in most circumstances, be considered on a level playing field with American origin goods;
  • Discuss the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
  • Confirm state and local Buy American requirements.
  • Identify how to satisfy Made in America claims for your products.
  • Recognize when Made in America claims for your products sold internationally for export from the U.S. meet the substantial transformation test.
  • Recognize hidden trade issues (anti-dumping, quotas, trade bans) that can affect your procurement qualifications