[GTA Course] Buy American Act – April 27-28

Buy American Act – April 27-28

Are you missing out on sales to current and developing markets? Qualifying your goods as Made in America, Buy America, or Buy American results in more opportunities to grab market share and obtain new markets for the procurement of your goods by federal, state and local governments!

This unique program will provide a detailed methodology to qualify your goods for Made in America, Buy American, Buy America and the Berry Amendment, as well as other domestic preferential requirements of multiple federal and state agencies. Discussion will include recent executive orders to increase emphasis on American made items, including recent announcements that procurements will be directed to certain pharmaceutical and other medical products that are manufactured in the USA.

This 2-day course provides attendees with everything they need to qualify their goods for multiple government programs – including information on the requirements at both the federal and state level, and how to qualify your products for equal consideration for government procurement under international trade agreements.