[GTA Course] Advanced Classification: Plastics and Rubber – November 3

Advanced Classification: Plastics and Rubber – November 3


This one-day course covers the classification of articles made from plastic and rubber, as well as intermediate and advanced products made from these two materials. Attendees who are employed in either industry or by companies that utilize or sell plastic and rubber products, as well as relative newcomers to these two industries and their products, will benefit by being part of a review that explains key plastic and rubber terms, discusses current areas of concern involving their classification, and covers the treatment of such products by U.S. trading partners.


This course is designed for individuals and teams employed by logistics companies or global manufacturers who need to understand how to classify goods for import and export into and between multiple countries around the world.


What you will learn

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the General Rules of Interpretation for Classification (GRIs).
  • Reiterate the key definitions of plastics and rubber.
  • Identify the production processes for plastic and rubber products.
  • Recognize articles of plastic and rubber classified outside the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Section VII.
  • Differentiate polymers and resins of the “Plastics” chapter.
  • Divide product characteristics and their resulting HTS classification: the tapes, films, wall and floor coverings of Chapter 39.
  • Identify major automotive components classifiable under the “Rubber” Chapter 40.
  • Differentiate Chapter 40 classification of tires and retreads.