[GTA Course] Advanced Classification: Apparel and Textiles – November 30 – December 1

Advanced Classification: Apparel and Textiles – November 30 – December 1


This 2-day course is an intensive study of the classification of textile and textile articles found in Section XI of the Harmonized Schedule (HS). A deep dive into the section and chapter notes, along with practical exercises, will take your knowledge of Section XI to the next level.


The course will cover a review of gender, age, fiber content and fabric composition along with hard to classify articles. Join us and learn to navigate the maze of requirements to successfully import wearing textiles and textile articles.


We will also discuss more advanced apparel classification topics, including:

  • Essential character of garments made with multiple fabric components
  • Water resistant garments and garments made with coated fabrics
  • One style classified as two garments
  • Stitch counting for knit upper body garments
  • Apparel labeling requirements under the Textile Fiber Identification Act, Fur Products Labeling Act, and Wool Products Labeling Act 
  • The classification of apparel outside Harmonized Tarriff Schedule (HTS) Section XI, including leather items in Chapter 42, furskins in Chapter 43, and various plastic apparel items classifiable under Chapter 39
  • The classification of imported footwear and hats
  • Special invoicing requirements that apply to specific textile products and footwear
  • Best practices to follow for US apparel importers and foreign apparel exporters

What you will learn

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the General Rules of Interpretation for Classification (GRIs).
  • Iterate the importance of section and chapter note definitions, inclusions and exclusions.
  • Identify factors used when classifying knit tops.
  • Recognize apparel families: blouses, shirts and tops, pants and shorts, coats and jackets, sleepwear and more.
  • Manage classification of other products made of textile material such as gaskets, textile accessories for bike racks, and similar parts and articles made of textile material.

Who should attend

  • Import trade compliance personnel
  • Classifiers for importers and exporters
  • Customs brokers and freight forwarders, and legal teams
  • Auditors of classification articles
  • Classification consultants
  • Purchasing personnel
  • Designers
  • Production managers