Global Trade Academy’s Seminar – Duty Drawback Specialist Certification – Sept 15 – 17; Atlanta, GA

September 15 – September 17, 2020
Atlanta, GA

Looking to save your firm money through Duty Drawback Claims? Millions of dollars of refunds are available from the government to firms who both import and export, but the majority go unclaimed. This unique certification will train your team on the types of drawback available, how to file for expedited refund capabilities, and which documents are needed to support a successful refund.


Our 3-day workshop, led by experienced subject matter experts, will provide you with a detailed understanding of the duty drawback program. Each type of drawback will be reviewed in detail, with examples and exercises on filing claims and getting approved for accelerated payments. Drawback regulations in 19 CFR 191 will be thoroughly covered, and a course exam will demonstrate the participant’s ability to establish their company’s duty drawback program.


The Duty Drawback Specialist™ (DBS™) program has been approved as a continuing education course for NCBFAA’s Educational Institute’s (NEI) Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) certification. However, please be aware that your successful completion of the program does not provide you with CCS or CES certification. The only way to become CCS or CES certified is to the meet the requirements set forth on NEI’s website.


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