Global Trade Academy’s Seminar – Certified Classification Specialist – May 18 – May 20; Karlsruhe Germany

May 18th – May 20th, 2020

Karlsruhe, Germany

Classification SpecialistTM (CCLSTM) program has been developed to address this challenge and offer companies the opportunity to train multiple key personnel together to ensure a systematic approach is taken to properly classify all product lines. The CCLS is the only program offered in the U.S. and overseas that covers the entire Harmonized System (HS), and offers a testing plan to confirm your knowledge and understanding of classifying merchandise. This premiere program, for both importers and exporters, provides a detailed approach to mastering the use of the Harmonized System, ensuring accuracy for classification on a global basis.

Focus is on the correct classification of product at the heading level, with each section highlighted through exercises and sample questionnaires by product type that allow a classifier to seek and secure necessary product descriptions to ensure proper classification. Specialized course material will ensure any classifier can work through section and chapter notes with ease by interpreting and highlighting the most difficult sections.  Attendees will be able to properly apply the General Rules of Interpretation and defend their classification decisions on a global basis, whether with customs agencies, suppliers, customers, or brokers or forwarders.

This unique course will cover the entire Harmonized System in 5 days. Earning the CCLS designation supports a strong compliance program and moves the company toward a strong reasonable care process that is defendable for Customs purposes. As classification is the basis of most free trade agreement qualifications, participants will be well suited to develop a program with greater benefits to the company.


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