Global Trade Academy’s Seminar – C-TPAT – Upgrade To The New Security Criteria – March 03 – 04, LA, CA

March 3rd, 2020 – March 4th, 2020

This 2-day workshop is for companies who are already certified in C-TPAT and are preparing for a C-TPAT Validation or Re-Validation meeting with Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Validations generally include a CBP review of cargo security standards against the program’s minimum-security guidelines at the importer’s domestic headquarters and a foreign site review.

Preparing two groups for their own reviews requires a strategic approach, and this program will guide your firm through the process.

In addition, this workshop will help you understand the process and benefits involved in becoming a member, as well as the responsibilities of being C-TPAT certified.

Program Overview:

  •         Steps to assess your company’s current cargo security program against minimum-security guidelines
  •         Evaluating “Evidence of Implementation” throughout your supply chain
  •         Strategy to link C-TPAT requirements to other regulatory programs including but not limited to: FDA Bioterrorism, FCPA programs, ISO, Six Sigma, etc.
  •         Sample C-TPAT procedures


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Who should attend?
Importers, C-TPAT points of contact, Internal auditors, Individuals responsible for security and supply chain security, brokers, warehouse operators, and selected foreign manufacturers.


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