Global Trade Academy’s Seminar –Advanced Classification: Machinery & Electronics – September 30 – October 2; ONLINE: LIVE VIRTUAL CLASS

This 3-day Advanced Classification course addresses the issues facing machinery and parts importers and exporters. Focusing on the General Rules of Interpretation and using a unique methodology for defending your answers globally, participants will learn how to present and defend their HTS classification process with suppliers, related parties, and Customs officials.

This workshop features intensive study and practical exercises that will take your knowledge of the General Rules of Interpretation (GRI) to the next level. An in-depth approach will be taken to ensure that participants are adequately trained to defend their questions.

For current Certified Classification Specialists (CCLS) who enroll, this course will fulfill your annual re-certification requirements. Each CCLS holder is eligible to submit two product requests that may be used as part of the defense questions during the class.

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