Global Trade Academy Seminar – CTPAT Upgrade to the New Security Criteria – September 17th – September 18th; Online: Virtual Live Class

September 17 – September 18, 2020 

Online: Virtual Live Class  


This 2-day workshop is for companies who are certified in CTPAT OR preparing to enter the program.  Whether you are filing your application, getting validated or re-validated, prepping for the meeting with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requires a great deal of preparation and documentation development and ability to demonstrate “how” you are meeting each criteria.  


This Course is highly interactive, where attendees will be diving deep into the requirements and developing sample standard operating procedures, checklists and policies to implement at their firms following the course.   Once registered, attendees will be provided with a list of company specific items to consider prior to joining the workshop to create their own specific company documents while together.   This is an excellent program to advance your CTPAT application process, or prepare your USA and foreign site supplier for meeting with CBP.   Our strategies have guided many companies into the CTPAT Tier 3 status, so join the pros as we prep your team for success. 

Program Overview: 

  • Steps to assess your company’s current cargo security program against minimum-security guidelines 

  • Evaluating “Evidence of Implementation” throughout your supply chain 

  • Strategy to link CTPAT requirements to other regulatory programs including but not limited to: FDA Bioterrorism, FCPA programs, ISO, Six Sigma, etc. 

  • Sample CTPAT procedures 

  • Developing and updating your risk assessment model with samples completed in class for attendees use 

  • Confirming a threat and vulnerability program 

  • An in-depth analysis of the program, and how to implement cargo security practices globally 

  • Procedures for addressing the 7-point Container Inspection AND the 17-point Conveyance Inspection 

  • Recognizing and documenting best practices 

  • Foreign validation 

  • Review of new security criteria 

  • Upgrading to new security criteria 


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