Exploring Efficiencies – Managing Transportation and Trade Compliance Together | Thursday, November 21

Optimizing the global supply chain requires the seamless management of transportation and trade compliance to eliminate sources of disruption and delay. However, global transportation management and trade compliance often have different and competing objectives that if not managed effectively create inefficiencies in the supply chain and add to product cost. Getting global transportation and trade compliance to work collaboratively is a challenge. But, if these two diverse functional areas can work together to achieve a common supply chain objective the value derived can be truly extraordinary.

This webinar will address how despite the different functional drivers and management structures global transportation management and trade compliance can work seamlessly to support a simplified and streamlined global supply chain.


What you will learn:

  • Why enterprise (ERP) solutions are poorly designed to effectively manage global trade
  • How accounts and products can be centrally managed to support both transportation and trade compliance
  • How integrating information flows between internal departments, external actors and transportation and trade compliance provides exceptional operating efficiencies
  • How global supply chain visibility and visualization supports organizational communication and collaboration

When: Thursday, November 21 at 2pm EDT


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