ECTI: THIS Thursday: DON’T MISS: STEP by STEP Guidance on the AES Filing Process in ECTI’s Webinar: All About the Automated Export System

IN TWO DAYS (THIS Thursday) – DON’T MISS: STEP by STEP Guidance on the AES Filing Process in ECTI’s Webinar: All About the Automated Export System

Webinar Details

Here’s the not-so-secret about the Automated Export System (AES) — it is important. The truth is they’re watching you. CBP, BIS, DDTC and other federal agencies monitor information in AES. Overshipments, mismatched license numbers, inappropriate use of license exceptions and exemptions, sensitive destinations, restricted consignees, descriptions inconsistent with other data elements — all this and more is visible to regulators and enforcement agencies in AES. How confident are you that your company’s shipments are being accurately filed? Or that they are even being filed at all?

Before AES, most export data was mostly locked up on paper forms. The Census Bureau eventually collated this data into statistics, but seldom did anyone review it for enforcement purposes. AES is a different world — a treasure trove of information at the fingertips of law enforcement and compliance specialists who can use it to spot anomalies and take action before or after an export occurs. In spite of this environment, compliance with Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing requirements in AES is often a low priority for exporters. This webinar is your opportunity towards improving the reliability and accuracy of your company’s AES submissions.

This webinar will take a straightforward approach by walking through a manual AES filing and guiding participants step by step through all the standard filing requirements. By using this method, attendees will benefit by better understanding a wide set of details ranging from filing requirements to data formatting.

It’s a wise move by anyone in the trade community to develop a solid base of knowledge about the AES filing process. You may be exempt from filing now, or maybe you have an IT service that handles everything seamlessly, but as an exporter you know things can change quickly. This webinar will help prepare you for manually filing AES, managing an AES filing solution, or implementing an automated AES filing process.

This webinar will provide a practical introduction including answers to these common questions:

  • What are AES and EEI?
  • Who is responsible for filing EEI?
  • When am I required to file EEI?
  • Are some exports exempt?
  • How do I claim an exemption?
  • What are my options for making the filing?
  • How far in advance of an export am I required to file?
  • What information do I need to complete an EEI submission?
  • How do I explain my export control authorization (NLR, exception/exemption or license) in AES?
  • What AES rules have changed recently?

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