ECTI Presents: Conflicts Between EU and US Export Rules Webinar – October 31

ECTI Presents: Conflicts Between EU and US Export Rules Webinar – October 31, 2019 (9:00am EDT)

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Due to the concept of extraterritoriality of US export control laws, European companies need to adhere to both EU and US export regulations. Complying with two sets of sometimes conflicting regulations can present practical and legal challenges. How do you make the choice between compliance with one over the other?  Where do the greater enforcement risks lie?


This webinar is designed for EU companies or governments who deal with US companies or produce their products using US-origin goods or US technology; however, US companies will also find this helpful for understanding and advice on how to balance potential conflicting export rules. US export controls have an extraterritorial application which often creates major compliance requirements for European companies. This webinar will cover where US requirements directly conflict with EU requirements: EU data protection, EU anti-discrimination and EU anti-boycott  regulations, latest developments regarding Iran, practical advice and solutions when dealing with conflicts between the two regimes, EU General Data Protection regulation as of May 2018 and much MORE!


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