Content Enablers ON DEMAND Courses Presents: U.S. Export CLASSIFICATION for Practitioners

Content Enablers ON DEMAND Courses Presents:
   U.S. Export CLASSIFICATION for Practitioners
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·        U.S. Export Classification (see course outline below)
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U.S. Export Classification for Practitioners

Introduction to U.S. Export Classification for Practitioners

o   Regulatory Overview

§  Layout of the ITAR

§  Layout of the EAR

o   Jurisdiction and Classification

o   Regulated Activities

o   Jurisdiction and Classification

o   Methods of Classification

§  Elements of a Commodity (CJ) Request

§  Elements of a CCATS Requests

§  Encryption CCATS

o   Order of Review

§  U.S. Munitions List (USML) Review

§  USML Category-Specific Scenarios

§  Commerce Control List (CCL) Scope and Structure

§  CCL Order of Review

§  600 Series

§  9×515 Series

§  CCL Entry-Specific Scenarios

§  Specially Designed Review

o   Other Jurisdiction and Classification Considerations

§  Tips, Triggers, and Common Mistakes

o   Identification of Technical Data/Technology

§  Definition of ITAR Technical Data

§  Definition of EAR Technology

§  Marking of Technical Data/Technology

§  Determining Derivative Data

o   Documentation and Reassessment

§  Company-Specific Entry

·         Regulated Activities                    

o   Key Definitions

§  U.S. and Foreign Persons – ITAR

§  U.S. and Foreign Persons – EAR

§  Export

§  Defense Article

§  Item

§  Technical Data

§  Technology

§  Defense Service

o   Internal Activities

§  Visitors

·         Authorizations                              

o   ITAR Authorizations

o   EAR Authorizations

§  Technical Data Approved for Public Release

·         Authorization Management

o   Recordkeeping and Reporting

·         Customs Clearance              

·         Trade Compliance Programs  

o   Identifying and Disclosing Potential Violations

§  What Constitutes a Violation Under the ITAR

§  Consequences of Noncompliance with the ITAR

§  Notification of Potential Violations Within Your Company

·         Training Summary


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