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Content Enablers ON DEMAND Courses Presents:

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 Moving goods across borders involves many intersecting challenges:


·        Selecting the right Incoterm for your transaction

·        Executing shipments pursuant to a specific Incoterm 

·        Completing the right documents the right way

·        Complying with filing and clearance requirements

·        And more!


The Content Enablers MOVEMENT OF GOODS series helps you meet these challenges with practical online training and certification from the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University so you can comply with regulations AND facilitate trade.


Select from individual courses or preconfigured bundles to meet your specific learning objectives.


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Movement of Goods Series COURSES – Configure a bundle to meet YOUR needs!


·        INCOTERMS (Course Duration:  23 mins)

·        US EXPORT DOCUMENTS (Course Duration:  31 mins)

·        FTR (Course Duration:  1 hour, 13 mins)

·        CLEARANCE  (Course Duration:  22 mins)

·        US CUSTOMS COMPLIANCE (Course Duration:  2 hours, 32 mins)

·        CTPAT (Course Duration:  16 mins)



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University EndorsedYou’ll receive a Certificate of Completion from the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University for each completed course.

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