3rdwave Presents: The Magic of Automated Trade Compliance | On Demand – Watch It Now!

The Magic of Automated Trade Compliance

From trade disruptions brought on by geopolitical tensions, to the Covid-19 virus, importers and exporters are facing unprecedented challenges. These disruptions are increasing in frequency and intensity, heightening the existing challenges that trade compliance professionals face in managing CBP and PGAs.

With the increasing complexity, managing trade compliance on spreadsheets or lightweight databases is not a viable path to success anymore. Today, automating trade compliance is the best way to effectively manage the volume and complexity of work that often keeps trade compliance pros underwater.


What you will learn:

This webinar will take a deep dive into what automated trade compliance actually looks like in the real world. Trade compliance automation simplifies master data management, synchronizes product/SKU classification for Customs and PGA’s, streamlines denied party screening, eliminates data entry, and systematizes many other compliance processes.

In addition to reducing the amount of time spent on manual processes, automation empowers compliance professionals to deliver value beyond the traditional trade compliance silo. Trade compliance automation not only improves performance to exceptional levels, but implementation can also have an astoundingly positive impact across the entire organization.


When: This webinar is on-demand, so you can watch it at your own convenience.


Speaker: Ned Blinick, Chief Product Officer, 3rdwave


Price: Complementary