3rdwave Presents: Is the Customs Broker Obsolete? | On Demand – Watch It Now!

The Customs Broker has been a constant in trade for over 100 years. They have been both the importer’s interface to customs and PGAs and a valued source of knowledge and general information to the importer. However, in this time of massive technological change, is the Customs Broker now obsolete?

Join us for a debate and be part of the exchange. Dan Gardner, an LCB, former NVO, a previous BCO argues that the Customs Broker is and remains a vital member of any Import/Exporter’s team. Ned Blinick, Chief Product Officer of 3rdwave argues that the Customs Broker’s days are numbered and that they are becoming unnecessary.


What you will learn:

  • The traditional role of the Customs Broker to both importer and Customs.
  • How the role of the Customs Broker has evolved over time and how their obligations have changed.
  • The current state of GTM solutions and their impact on Trade Compliance teams.
  • How GTM technology is radically transforming the importer/Customs Broker relationship.


When: This webinar is on-demand, so you can watch it at your own convenience.



Dan Gardner, Business Solutions Consultant, 3rdwave

Ned Blinick, Chief Product Officer, 3rdwave


Price: Complementary