3rdwave Presents: Global Complexity and Global Automation: How to Automate in Uncertainty | September 10 at 2 p.m. ET

Global Complexity and Global Automation: How to Automate in Uncertainty

The role of automation has never been more critical in an environment of plummeting revenue, limited budgets, and reduced staffing. On top of the challenging trade environment, the impact of the COVID pandemic has created immense challenges for every organization. 

The need to “do more, with less” has never been more critical, and automating trade compliance practices is now a necessity. The selection decision on the best-automated software solution partner is most important to the success of any automated trade compliance program. The ability to show a return on investment through automation while still showing real-value to the trade compliance team is now a matter of survival as well as one of risk mitigation, duty savings, and efficiency. 

What you will learn:

  1. Key success factors to consider when turning towards trade compliance automation for your business.
  2. The changing environment of trade automation and several key indicators to consider when selecting a partner for automation.
  3. Key aspects and definitions for understanding the trade compliance functions and how trade automation delivers the most impact.

At any time the selection of a technology partner is a challenge. With the ever-churning trade environment, the unsettled economy, and the dynamic marketplace for trade automation and software, the need to be informed is vitally important.  

This webinar will answer questions, outline effective strategies to use in the selection and implementation of a solution. Finally, it will help you understand the marketplace and set the stage for the most productive partnership for the future.

When: Thursday, September 10 at 2 p.m. ET
Price: Complimentary
Jeff McCauley, Managing Director, Trade Forward LLC;
Mike Thompson, Managing Director, Trade Forward LLC