ECTI Presents: US Antiboycott Regulations: Clarified and Demystified Webinar September 26, 2018 – 1:00 EDT They’re part of the Export Administration Regulations, but they’re not export controls. They’re highly relevant to international business, but you don’t have to export anything to violate them. They’re regularly enforced by the Bureau of Industry and Security, but many affected businesses have never heard of them. We’re referring to US antiboycott regulations — a complex set of requirements within the EAR which prohibit US companies from furthering certain aspects of foreign (non-US) boycotts, most notably the Arab League boycott of Israel. If you do international business (or would like to!) this is an important webinar for you. If you already do business in the Middle East, or you have subsidiaries active there, it’s essential that you understand these regulations. Customer-facing personnel who manage the sales cycle, negotiate contracts, review purchase orders, and take orders should know how to recognize these potential trouble spots. Join ECTI to learn how to navigate EAR antiboycott rules and where to focus your organization’s compliance resources to address these often tricky regulations; topics covered: Who is impacted by these regulations? Which actions are prohibited? What information cannot be provided? Learning the key exceptions What and when do you have to report to BIS? Practical suggestions for implementing compliance in your organization Real world examples of violations and their consequences To take advantage of the 10% discount for ICPA members, use coupon code ICPA10 with registration. ECTI Webinar Instructor:  Scott Gearity Webinar Webpage REGISTER NOW